Aurora City


Seraphim visited Aurora City, today. Aurora City is billed as ‘ …a British, Dieselpunk, and Sci-fi themed region with retro-futurist elements…’. Seraphim found a fairly cheesy mish-mash of cliche scifi themes (starwars/doctor who… that kind of thing) with a very nice, cartoony windlight, which made for pretty pictures…


… un unabashed Stargate owner/lover, Seraphim was initially delighted to see several different gates here, all models she’d never seen, before…


… her delight quickly became disappointment, however, when she discovered that not a single one of them…


… was a working Stargate! They had either been set so no-one could dial out through them, or they were purely decorative… something Seraphim found bordering on offensive! She thought she better check, in case the entire gate network was down…


… so she TP’d to Eisa, and, from the gate, there, dialled her own gate… the Eisa gate was working fine, and accepted her address…


… and she was re-united with her big, gorgeous, Pegasus Alteran Stargate, and basked in it’s pure beauty, as it soothingly bubbled and glooped, all it’s symbols and lights lit up, before it whooshed the plasma, through which she had just arrived, away, and powered down. A working Stargate is a wonderful thing to see, and even better to own.

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