After reading Alexa’s recent post on ChatuChak, yesterday, Seraphim decided to have a look, too…


… you arrive in one of those colourful, Asian markets, where trains run dangerously close through the marketplace…


… following the rails takes you out of the first market, which is mostly manufactured items, into the woods, and onto a bridge, where the train appears to have stalled before a tunnel…


… just before the bridge, there is a path down through the rocks and trees…


… that brings you to the equally colourful produce market, on the docks…


… which are piled with delicious, fresh produce…


… birds wheel about the docks… there are no people… this gives the place the feel of having been suddenly deserted, like, only minutes/hours before…


… Seraphim wondered what could have caused everyone to vanish… was she walking amongst an invisible, deadly viral contagion? Not being human, and immune to anything deadly to humans, she wasn’t too worried… was the place highly radioactive? She didn’t have a gieger counter on her, so couldn’t check… again, radiation isn’t something she worries about… the birds seemed active enough. Anyway, she got some nice pictures (:


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