Busy Day

Busy Day

Seraphim had a productive day, today. She hung her latest work in her new ‘Dream’ series in her gallery, this one is called ‘Shore of Dreams’, and she hung it next to ‘View From a Dream’. She has also hung these images in the Montmartre gallery, but she’s not sure what’s happening with that, yet, as the owner seems fairly non-communicative after her initial friendliness, or perhaps she’s just too busy to reply to Seraphim’s IM’s, Seri isn’t sure…

Busy Day2

… Seraphim loves seeing her work this size, having worked on it on a computer screen, it’s like giving life to the image to see it bigger than herself on a wall…

Busy Day3

… she spent some time looking at one of her pictures of Tee… it almost seems like another lifetime ago, that she hung out with Gynoids, and basically lived to photograph them, it feels like that part of her life is over, now…

Busy Day4

… from her gallery, she went to the Culprit mainstore, in search of something she’d seen in one of Inara Pey’s post’s. She’d just arrived there, when the above avi, Rei2 Aya, TP’d in beside her. Seraphim always notices cute avi’s, and usually takes a few pictures of them, and often checks their profile, to get a feel for whether they would mind her saying ‘hi’ to them… to Seri’s delight, when she checked Rei2’s profile, she discovered that Rei2 was the owner of R2 Fashion! Although she never wears it, herself, Seraphim adores R2 Fashion’s work, and has bought several outfits for her Gynoid girlfriends. Seraphim complimented Rei2 on her cute outfit, not really expecting a reply, but was pleasantly surprised that the two of them had a very nice conversation, where Seraphim was equally pleased at herself for not fawning/grovelling over someone of such talent!…

Busy Day5

… the reason Seraphim went to Culprit was to buy this Moonwalker she had seen in Inara’s post…

Busy Day6

… Seraphim loves Culprit stuff, and has a lot of it. The Moonwalker was not only really cute, but, at L$100, an extremely good buy. After that, after reading about ChatuChak in one of Alexa’s posts, she went there, but that will have to be a whole seperate post, as she took lots of pictures…

Busy Day7

… after ChatuChak, she went to the Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary by Astralia event, where she bought two outfits, a pink and a black one, mainly for the gorgeous pants…

Busy Day8

… which have ‘Hello Kitty’ down the seams. Seraphim’s kitten-in-a-balloon meowed her approval as she drifted by (:

2 thoughts on “Busy Day

    1. There are several different Moonwalker paint jobs to choose from, I chose the only grungey one. I absolutely LOVE my new pants! There were lots of far more cutesy colours/patterns, but black and pink are two my favourite colours (:

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