Little Fox – Fox Road


Yesterday, Seraphim visited the ‘Liaison Collaborative’ event, and bought this gorgeous ‘Anita’ sweater, by ‘Little Fox’, which goes perfectly with her new ‘Astralia’ pants, like they were made for each other. The picture in the display for the sweater showed the models wearing some very nice pants, which Seraphim coveted, so she TP’d to the ‘Little Fox’ showroom… where she discovered that, not only did she already own the pants, but she’d been here, before, possibly to buy the pants, and that, next to the showroom, was the Fox Road sim, which Seraphim had explored, and adored, previously…


… once again, she was drawn to explore this empty, artful sim…


… Seraphim loves these arty, set-like builds…


… where the builder has set up tableaux that can be used as props/backgrounds…


… she finds this one strangely poignant, with it’s implication of hasty abandonment…


… the whole sim, of course, feels as though it is in the aftermath of some mass-extermination event… Seraphim quite likes these empty sims.

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