Still Life with Grenade


Seraphim, whose style/interests are continually evolving, felt like trying something totally new… obviously, the desire must have been percolating for a while, but it hadn’t been a conscious one, she just suddenly thought it would be interesting to try one of those cool still-life/tableau shots so many excellent SL photographers do. Seraphim has always liked those works by others, but never felt the desire to make one, herself, mainly because she was totally into gynoid photography. Anyway, she decided to try one. Seraphim has a ton of beautiful treasures and dozens of photography backdrops from which to choose, so she set about creating one of these works…


… the first thing she found was something she had always suspected; these pieces take a LOT of work! The second thing she found was… it’s REALLY enjoyable! She found setting this shot up to be almost zen-like in it’s need for attention to composition/detail/content. The third thing she found was that, she may never have done one of these before, but she’s still herself, and her tastes are still slightly less mainstream than other peoples…


… she couldn’t keep her dark humour out of this shot, and didn’t try. There is no deep message in this work, it is just a composition that evolved organically, as Seraphim placed objects that came to mind, thinking ‘what would go with that?’ at each new placement/slight rearrangement…


… she also found she could not do a single, complete shot… her love of closeup photography, and her love of the 6-8 image post format she usually does, over-ruled the single shot concept…


… and that was fine, she was having a LOT of fun…


… this is just the first of this new style, expect more (:


8 thoughts on “Still Life with Grenade

      1. If you’ve ever used a manual SLR camera, you’ll love that tool, it basically turns your SL point-and-shoot into a serious SLR. The thing that makes SL snapshots unique, compared to RL snapshots, is that EVERYTHING is in focus in an SL snapshot, which is what makes them both unique and bland, at the same time… real photographs do not have everything in focus… so, using the DoF tool allows you to create far more realistic/interesting images.

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      2. The best way to practice using it is to open the DoF function (I use the one in ‘Preferences’, but there is a tool-bar one (camera tools) as well)… focus on something you want to photograph (zoom in on it) then check ‘Enable Depth of Field’… probably nothing obvious will happen… now move the ‘camera focal length’ slider… everything will go blurry! Now, move the ‘camera F number’ slider until the object you originally focused on is in sharp focus, and everything behind it is blurry… now you have a far more interesting/realistic ‘photograph’! The general SL snapshot is cool, in that EVERYTHING is in crisp focus, and that is nice, sometimes, but the human eye does not see like that, so gets bored with those kind of images pretty quickly… using the DoF recreates what a real camera sees, and instantly gives SL images a LOT more punch (: If you use the ‘Preferences’ panel, don’t forget to turn DoF off, after you’ve finished playing with it, because your view of everything will still be set to whatever DoF setting you chose.

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