Granny’s Life


Seraphim continues to enjoy creating little still life tableau…


… it has proven a very effective way of re-establishing knowledge of the contents of her vast inventory…


… but she also enjoys coming up with a new theme each time. She’ll think of a theme, then try to remember what she has that she could use for the shoot… it often takes a long time to find items she thinks she has, and, along the way, she finds lots of forgotten stuff, and stuff that she thinks ‘cool! I can use that next time!’…


… she also finds landmarks to really cool stores she hasn’t visited for ages, so, the downside is she’s spending quite a bit, recently, especially on gacha, trying to win specific items she’d like to incorporate in her next creation…


… she recently spent L$2000 trying to win a certain object, and, not only didn’t win it, but DID win a whole lot of useless crap… she usually has MUCH better luck with gacha…


… still, it hasn’t dampened her enjoyment of her new-found hobby…


… and she’s already looking forward to her next creation…


2 thoughts on “Granny’s Life

    1. The cat with the yarn was the seed for the whole set! I was thinking of doing something ‘vintage’, and went to one of my favourite makers of fabulous vintage stuff, and saw the chair with the knitting/cat, and the whole scene sprang from that (:

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