Drune: East of Eden


Today, Seraphim visited the latest Drune iteration. The first thing she noticed was her profile picture, without her permission, up on the over-head display… she couldn’t care less, but found the lack of etiquette pretty disappointing…


… the sim was, like previous Drune sims, a glory of neon eye-candy…


… also, like the previous Drunes, there was the juvenile obsession with sexual themes…


… as though the sim was built by genius 13 year-old boys…


… whose sophisticated visual aesthetic was continually over-ridden by their desire to masturbate…


… but, when she thought about it, Seri had to admit that this is a fairly common phenomenon in SL…


… and, that if you have to have sims built by wankers…


… the wankers might as well be genius 13 year-old boys.

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