New Hair


Seraphim was at an event, this morning, when she was drawn to a gorgeous, goth avi, with stunning hair. As she does, Seri checked the avi’s profile, so she could say hi…


… she saw that the avi was Cruella Pennell, the owner of Adoness. Whilst Seri and Cruella had a conversation, Seri TP’d to Adoness, and was blown away by the quality of the advertising art, there. She also realised she’d been here, years ago, and purchased one of her most-worn hair-styles, back in the day. She grabbed six demo’s, and zapped home to try them. Two really appealed to her, the first was this one, ‘Ares’…


… she thinks this hair is simply fabulous. Somehow, it manages to be classical, cyber, punk, rockabilly, and Japanese, all at the same time…


… she loves it.*

*Seri had to do a bit of adjustment to get this hair the way she wanted, which included using her Catwa hairbase, so the hair will look slightly different if you don’t need to use a hairbase.

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