The other Adoness hair that Seraphim bought, the other day, was this one, ‘Macaria’…


… as with ‘Ares‘, this hair manages to blend several styles, from something that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Marie Antoinette’s court, to darkest goth, via the 50’s, this hair is not for girls who don’t want to be noticed…


… Seraphim prefers greyscales, but this hair is available in most colours. Another wonderful thing came from Seraphim meeting Cruella Pennell at the Tannenbaum event, the other day…


…Seraphim is now, officially, an Adoness blogger! Seri has never blogged for anyone other than herself, and is quite excited to be blogging for such an awesome brand as Adoness. She’s not quite sure exactly what this involves, being a total noob at the ‘official blogger’ thing, but it seems to her it will be a lot of fun…


… she adores the product, and the talent behind the product, Cruella Pennell, seems lovely, not to mention extremely clever, Seraphim would promote Adoness hair regardless…


… she’s looking forward to embracing this new, interesting change in her life.

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