Seri Christmas


Seri settled on cute & simple for her own xmas decorations… some silly snow-people, and a ‘Burton’ tree…


… she has already received some early prezzies… Veyot gave her this MINIMAL ‘Cuba Building.4 – Pink’, because she knows Seraphim loves pink…


… and Pandume gave her the whole set of the RO ‘Spook Show’ mannequins… Seraphim has always wanted ‘Val Vain’, the ‘Spook Show’ mannequin that takes it’s own face off…


… the first time she ever saw this mannequin, it was in a store, or somewhere, and when it took it’s face off, Seraphim literally jumped, it was so unexpected, and creepy… Pandume didn’t know Seraphim had always wanted this mannequin, just that Seri loves dolls…


… for xmas, Seri won herself…


… a particularly adorable gacha…


… a Black Bantam ‘Sleeping Holiday Sphynx’… she totally LOVES this cute little guy, who purrs, and dreams, and, occasionally, farts… he has adopted Seri’s ‘Pink Raccoon’ plushie as his own…


… the three of them share Seri’s couch, and think about another year gone in SL…


… and a new one on the way.


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