Ten Years Old


Seraphim noticed, today, that she is now ten years old, has been, for several days. Seri has always looked forward to being ten… one decade in SL! It’s actually quite a long time. One hell of a lot has happened to her in this time. She decided to visit Insilico for the images for this post… Insilico being somewhere she has visited for most of those ten years, and somewhere that has changed, yet remained the same, as much as she has… Seraphim is a solitary creature… she spent her first eight years in SL alone, always avoiding interaction with others, often actually running from others’ attempts to interact with her…


… this all changed when, two years ago, she met, and fell stupidly in love with, an extremely charismatic gynoid… a gynoid who turned out to be as dysfunctional as she was intelligent, and who, in a few short weeks, totally shattered Seraphim’s heart. But…


… Seraphim does not hate that gynoid, in fact, still quite likes her, because she was responsible for bringing Seri out of her shell. What followed wasn’t always pretty, but it was Seri learning to navigate relationships in SL…


… she has since learned that, yep, she is a solitary creature… the ones she has formed relationships with simply do not share Seri’s concepts of commitment, she’s not sure why this is, but it just is… she is basically better off alone…


… that being said, she has some good friends, even if they, too, are extremely erratic in their actual presence in SL. One of the things Seraphim is proud of is the fact she has actually served her ten years in SL, unlike many avi’s she has met, whose profiles say they are, say, 12 years old, yet they’ve actually only spent two or three years in SL… she finds this pretty common, and isn’t impressed with it. If you know Seri, you know she is an extremely consistent, totally reliable creature… she’s always the same, she never changes her look (apart from hair/clothes), doesn’t have an alt… what you see is what you get, she is 100% reliable and honest… she’s proud of that. That being said, Seri has grown/changed quite a lot, this last decade… she is, now, far more social, and confident, than she was, not scared to instigate conversation with strangers, something she often does, now, but never did, back in the day…


… she is happy within herself, these days… other avi’s do not, can not intimidate her, any more, which is lovely. She has lived in the same place for eight of those ten years, and it is so much home to her, she couldn’t imagine ever living anywhere else. She really looks forward to the next ten years, to the next developments as cool as mesh and animesh have been…


… but she’s given up on any form of serious relationship. Once a loner, always a loner.

5 thoughts on “Ten Years Old

  1. Congratulations! Ten years is one of the big events in SL. It takes a lot of determined effort. Over the years I’ve seen. Too many just last a couple months.


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