More Changes


Seraphim had to go to her apartment in Hangars Liquides, yesterday, and just sit on the balcony for a while. She’d spent most of the day learning new stuff, and it was a pretty exhausting experience…


… first, she’d demo’d, then bought, a gorgeous hairstyle with an animesh ponytail, this was not as simple as it sounds… at the store where she bought it, she just couldn’t understand the instructions or, really, what it was she needed to buy, she had to ask another customer who was trying the demo, to get some clarity. It turned out the hair was a collaboration between the hair creator and Vista animations, and that she needed to buy a new AO, that was specially created for the hair. While she was trying the demo, which also wasn’t that straight forward, being one of those ‘please give consent’ type ‘experience’ things, which she generally does not like, not liking the idea of giving away control of herself, while she was was trying the 10 minute demo that resulted, another confused customer asked her how to get the hair, so, it wasn’t just Seraphim who found the whole thing less-than-straightforward. She loves the hair, but is a bit sad she has to trade her favourite Vista AO, for a far less sophisticated one, with zero ease of control. The new AO has a nice walk, but most of the ‘stands’ are pretty crap, and the slightest turn left or right causes her to pirouette, making her ponytail fly out cutely… this IS cute the first few times, but when it seems to happen every 10 seconds, the cuteness dims. Still, it’s a first-gen product, so will hopefully improve… but the next new thing she learned yesterday was changing her body and head to BOM capability…


… she wouldn’t have known where to start if her sweet, little, plastic friend, Princess Angelica hadn’t explained the basics of BOM to her. Angelica was busy building a new castle on a huge chunk of coastal land she’d just bought, so Seraphim stopped bugging her, and left her to it, relying, instead, on a very helpful Catwa sales-person to walk her through some of the process. The whole thing took hours of frustrating setbacks… she seems to have lost the ability to use her Pink Fuel Catwa makeup applier, which is very sad, but she has gained the ability to add new tattoos, without losing the existing ones, which is, really, the main reason she went through all this. She’s also discovered that, yes, those pre-mesh, system-layer clothes really DO look like shit, compared to mesh clothes ):

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