Seraphim went to the gallery today, ostensibly to take the ‘Val Vain’ mannequin Pandume gave her, there… she just finds it too unsettling having it in her home. She started taking pictures, and was, again, struck by how suburban her neighbourhood is, these days… it’s actually very nice, there are mostly cookie-cutter, suburban homes there, these days. She got to thinking how much it’s all changed in her time, here… a year ago, there was an airport across the road. She started looking through her files for some images to illustrate these changes, and became instantly bogged down in the flood of memory… and she’d only gone back a few years…


… she found this image of when she had set up a mid-western, Wyeth-like set on the roof of her home, a few years ago. It started off as just this simple shack in an empty, dry field of grass…


… soon there was an old garage, and petrol tank…


… which needed a broken Mustang, of course… Seraphim had a lot of fun photographing this scene, using many different Windlight settings…


… eventually, there was an entire, apocalyptic scene, lighthouse and all. It’s all gone, now, of course, prim usage has a way of necessitating that such creations get torn down, to make way for others. What grabbed Seri, going through these images, and thinking about changes…


… was how mercurial her look is… she doesn’t physically change herself, never changes her ink, but she is always changing her hair/clothes, always rocking some variation of the style she likes…


… she’s predictably mercurial. These images are all from the last few years, but she also found these…


… really adorable images of her, gone full cyborg, back before mesh, before she’d ever heard of, let alone met, a gynoid…


… the images are pretty basic, but she really enjoyed finding them, and is so glad she still has them… images of some of the ch-ch-changes she’s gone through.

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