Seraphim went to a couple of events, today. At one, she won several of these super-cute, wind-up duck gacha. It’s ages since she did anything with her pool, so she really enjoyed putting the little quackers in there… they are now zooming around in little mechanical circles, amongst all the other pool-clutter. At the other event, Seri bought herself…


… a kimono! She usually avoids kimonos, not because there aren’t plenty of stunning examples to buy, but because she has always found them totally impractical as every-day clothing… they are never, in her limited experience, made for any particular body, they generally only look good if you stand stock still, they are usually clunky, with multiple parts, all of which clip like crazy, and require constant masking/remasking, if you actually want to move in them. That being said, she sometimes gives in to the impulse to buy gorgeous, impractical clothes, such as this kimono…


… she had a lovely time flouncing around the poolside, looking like an exotic princess in rustling, gorgeously printed silk and cotton…


… it made her realise how many asian elements she has around the pool…


… she took 300 images to get these 6, it required much changing of her alpha mask, and was made much harder by the fact her new animesh hair AO over-rides the poses in her Lumipro, meaning she couldn’t actually do static poses…


… she then spent a good hour in Photoshop, fixing the clipping that she couldn’t control when she was taking the images. None of these things were a chore, however, because it’s what Seri loves, to be immersed in taking pictures, then all the post-production… she loves it more than almost anything. She is very pleased with the final images. She will not be wearing the kimono in public (:

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