Seraphim is absolutely not your average SL avi… her human has spent a decade making her unique… that being said, despite her not being a balloon-breasted barbie, like most SL female avi’s, she gets a constant stream of appreciative feedback from stranger avi’s, even having creepy, naked males prostrate themselves before her, much to her disgust…


… Seri is (yes, pedants, it’s ‘Seri’, not ‘Sera’… the fact you insist on calling her ‘Sera’ shows your wilful ignorance, which isn’t very cool…) 4000 years old (… sigh… yes, her avi is ten, but lets use our special, SL powers of inconvenient detail suspension, here, ok?)… her mother is a sentient planet, Seri arrived here, accidentally, as a 1000-year-old teenager. All she knew how to do, was kill, in order to feed, which she did extremely efficiently, for the next thousand years, till she matured enough to realise this wasn’t a good practise, if she wanted to blend in, so she began consuming animal blood, then, because she is way cleverer than most humans, she developed a recipe for synthetic blood, which made her a millionaire a thousand times over, and she could retire from the spotlight her battles with the Christian church and the Vampire nation had caused her…


… she deliberately settled into anonymity, and wound up living in SL, in Jormundgandr…


… and she wishes you all a happy new year (:

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