Seraphim loved her few days wearing animesh hair, and it felt strange going back to static hair, but she absolutely didn’t miss the clunky, simple, crappy AO that wearing the hair necessitated she use…


… she had constantly pined for her ‘Miriam’ AO, which is her all-time fave AO, and, basically, is ‘her’… she loved the walk and the run that came with the hair’s AO, but hated the simple, limited, crappy, stands, and the fact there were zero controls with the AO, it over-rode her Lumipro poses, and made her ‘hug’ AO useless, and the only way to turn it off, was to remove her ponytail!…


… she totally feels like herself, again, now that she is, once more, rocking her lovely ‘Miriam’ AO. She has sent a notecard to Vista Barnes, expressing her un-impressment at the feebleness of the, nearly, L$1000 AO that drove the animesh hair, and it’s seeming slapped-together-ness…


… she expressed her love of the walk/run animations, but said she was less than impressed with the rest, and hopes there will be a vastly more sophisticated update, soon…


… she’s only ever dealt with him, once, before, years ago, and, although he was reasonable back then, she has no idea what several years of massive financial gain will have done to his ego…


… she hopes he won’t be a typical SL male asshole about it*.

*Seraphim has no doubt there are fine male avi’s in SL, she even knows one… but, sadly, 99% of the males she has met in SL have been appalling representatives of the potential of their sex, possibly 50% of those have been appalling representatives of the potential of the human race… so she has pretty low expectations.

*Update: Seri received a perfectly civil, and very informative reply from Vista Barnes… her reservations were groundless.

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