Lost Unicorn


Seraphim read this post, this morning, and decided to visit Lost Unicorn, somewhere she’s never been, before… she was instantly smitten with the place, and surprised she’s never heard of it, before…


… the lush foliage has a predominantly green/purple palette, which is gorgeous. As someone who creates her own environments, Seraphim could see how much work has been put into sourcing the various elements of this wonderful environment…


… whilst photographing the above scene, Seri posed herself, then spent a few minutes getting the camera angle just right, she was, literally, just about to click the shutter, when two huge, bare-chested SL males (the male equivalents of the ballon-breasted barbies) blundered past her, and shunted her off the path… it’s moments like that that she wishes she could just kick the shit out of other avi’s, because their incredible arrogance/sense of entitlement just disgusts her… anyway, she can’t, so she didn’t, and she had to spend a few more minutes getting the shot right…


… as well as gorgeous foliage, Lost Unicorn has lovely lighting effects…


… the whole place is very beautiful, and quite wonderfully fantasial…


… a photographers delight. Seri could see herself dressing up and coming back here for some kind of fantasy shoot…


… as well as beautiful plants and light, there is also a lot of falling water…


… it’s very much the setting for Elves and Fae.

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