Good Morning, Seraphim


Every morning, Seraphim awakes in her spacious bedroom. She actually doesn’t need to sleep, but, over the millennia, she’s taught herself to do so, because she dreams when she sleeps, and she loves that…


… she springs out of bed, totally refreshed…


… and bounds into another day on Earth…


… her bedroom is decorated with some of her favourite art. After rising, on every third day, she heads for her beautiful, silver refrigerator…


… for a meal…


… she plays the same game, every third day, which is how often she needs to feed, where she says ‘Hmmm, what shall I have this morning?’… but, it’s always the same… synthetic blood, made in her secret facilities around the world, synthetic blood that fulfils all her predatory instincts, and keeps her from preying on soft humans…


… once that’s done, she heads for her lounge…


… where she is greeted by her kitty-in-a-balloon, and her constantly sleeping, though telepathically communicating, sphynx cat… these guys make her morning with their love, and she adores them. She usually gets dressed in the lounge.

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