Koala Hugs


After reading this post, Seraphim zapped over to the Something New Pose Store, where they are selling the above hug, giving 100% of the profits to the RSPCA – New South Wales Bush Fire Appeal, to help with caring for the poor little guys who have survived the horrendous fires currently raging in Australia. These fires are decimating not just the cute Koala’s, but ALL the creatures that live in those forests. Experts are saying those ecosystems may NEVER recover from this. It’s very sad.

Seraphim’s human lives in New Zealand, which is thousands of kilometres away from Australia, yet is being blanketed with smoke from those fires, two of which have now merged to create a ‘mega‘ fire*. Here’s another article about the mega fire… it also states that ‘Up to 1 billion mammals, birds and reptiles nationwide, many of them unique to Australia, may have been affected or killed by the fires…’ This is an ecological catastrophe of horrendous proportions. Trump will probably say it’s a Chinese hoax.

* ‘Two fires straddling the borders of two Australian states have merged, creating a 600,000-hectare “mega-fire” south of the Snowy Mountains.’

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