Lazy Day


Yesterday, Seraphim decided she needed new slippers. She sat at her computer, with a fresh coffee, and went to MarketPlace, and almost straight away found these gorgeous bunny slippers from [Phunk], she had them delivered via the digital magic of MP to SL, and snuggled her feet into them… they fit perfectly, and are so cute they almost made her cry. She loved them so much, she decided to stay in her jammies as she went and did some stuff, starting with a trip to the latest Swank event…


… she’s NEVER gone out into SL in her jammies, before, and can’t understand why not… she was sooo comfy, and her very low complexity certainly can’t have hurt at such a high-impact place…


… then she came home and installed some new statues in her garden…


… they both look fabulous there…


… then she went to her friend, Princess Angelica’s new place, which she finds really lovely…


… then she went and showed her bunnies, in the bunny field, her new slippers. The bunnies were initially horrified, as they thought she’d killed some of their relatives and made shoes out of them, but, once Seri explained that was not the case, they told her she looked pretty sweet in her new slippers (:


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