Saturday 25th


Seraphim was at the Bushfire Wildlife Benefit, this morning, when Veyot asked her if she wanted to come to Kowloon to see the 100-storey building project, there. She said ‘sure’, and soon was sitting at a desk, with Veyot at the other, in one of the units in the second of the 100-storey buildings being created in Kowloon, that mystical, odd place…


… Veyot showed Seri the unit she had placed in the stack…


… you buy a unit, in which you can put 20 prims, and place it on top of the stack…


… which is, apparently, the second one. It’s nowhere near 100 floors, yet it towers above Kowloon, already. Veyot had to go, so Seri went through the steps to place a unit of her own, and returned to the Bushfire Wildlife Benefit event…


… she was pleased to see there were a lot of avi’s there. Because it’s such a worthy cause, she was unconstrained in her spending when she saw stuff she liked…


… like this absolutely GORGEOUS kangaroo mum plushie, by the wonderful M0oh…


… there were heart-rending images all around, of the helpless victims of this man-made disaster, images that always make Seri cry, they are so fucking tragic…


… these poor little guys have had to stagger (they (koalas) live in trees, not on the ground) through miles of burning debris to escape the total destruction of their only liveable habitat, which would literally have been exploding behind them… the heat and smoke would have been horrendous, their fur would have been smouldering, their skin burning, each one of them is a testimony to animal tenacity… it’s been estimated one billion animals have been killed in these fires, and some endangered species may be driven to extinction… these animals cannot live anywhere else, they are totally evolved to live in gum forests…


… and the forests are being obliterated, and will probably NEVER recover…


… humans have done this. Asshole humans like the repulsive fat pig in charge of America, who claims global warming is a Chinese hoax, and that Greta Thunberg’s Person of the Year award is ridiculous, because HE didn’t manage to buy or extort it, whereas she EARNED it through her unceasing, amazing efforts to make the likes of creeps like him realise the harm they are doing to the planet (a lost cause with a deluded, unbelievably stupid moron like the giant, angry baby president)…


… the harm they are doing to this poor creature and what’s left of his home and family.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 25th

    1. Very important, but, sadly, it’s bolting the door after the horse has fled… if the fat corporates had listened, 20 years ago, this wouldn’t be happening, now… but fat corporates only want to enrich themselves and their families.

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