This morning, Seraphim got the group invite needed to place the unit she’d purchased, yesterday (L$60!) for the second ‘Hundred Floors’ project at Kowloon. She went and placed her unit… it looked like the girl in the unit below had just done the same thing… both girls had their blank canvases to fill with 20 prims of their choosing. Seri said ‘hello’ to her neighbour, the neighbour said ‘hi’, followed by a few words in what looked like Persian cuneiform script, to Seri… Seri replied ‘Sorry, I only understand English’, to which her neighbour replied an equally long sentence in cuneiform, and that was the end of that conversation…


… Seri’s unit is number 31. Each unit consists of the unit, with some elements of the back stairs, which interlock with the unit below’s stairs, and form part of the next unit’s stairs…


… a prerequisite of being part of the project is to not block the stairs, so any avi that chooses can walk up them… something that would take time and determination, even in SL. You can walk into any unit to explore the many wonders the participants have created…


… inspiration hit Seri before her neighbour, and she went with her favourite poppy-grass on the floor…


… cuneiform girl was seconds behind with some cute, Asian statues…


… running with the bucolic theme (Seri isn’t a concrete jungle kid) she placed a gorgeous painting bought recently, and one of her favourite skulls, and a potted shrub…


… her neighbour was playing with water…


… she seemed to be enjoying herself. Seri sent her a smile of encouragement, but was ignored… oh, well, Seri always tries to be friendly, because she IS fucking friendly, but is often rebuffed… no matter, it doesn’t bother her anymore…


… she added one of her oldest benches, a Yelly Donut (Noctis) creation , and a slatted wooden blind…


… and she was done! She still has about 5 prims she can add… or she could change it all, but this mornings effort was fun, and she’s happy with it. By the time she’d finished, the Persian was gone, so Seri took the opportunity to go and explore her place, then the one below, and the one below… there are many fascinating creations to explore, here… but that’s another post! If you want to check Seri’s effort, it’s here… you’ll arrive on the landing outside her door*.

*… except that cuneiform girl has somehow set the part of her unit, which is Seri’s landing, to ‘phantom’, so you, or Seri, for that matter, can no-longer stand at Seri’s own back door… makes it tricky to get inside, when you land outside Seri’s door, you fall through the landing and wind up outside HER door ):

Seri has sent her an image of her landing, activated in ‘edit’, showing the edit dialogue box, with ‘phantom’ circled in red… hopefully this might get around the language barrier.

11 thoughts on “31

    1. Yes, good idea… though I tend to think ‘why the fuck should I have to!?’… especially since non-obstruction of the stairs is a prerequisite, in the brief, for participation in this event.


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