Morph Studios


Seraphim visited Morph Studios, today. Morph Studios is billed as a store that has ‘got all you need to be a little sexy demongirl’, it’s all about tentacles and the sort of embellishments that Seraphim has zero interest in, but it also has a scenic sim surrounding it… the blurb says ‘Don’t by [sic] shy to explore the island. Beautiful nature where you can find some mystic spots. But nothing to be afraid, just a peaceful place to relax without scare.’…


… and that’s exactly what Seraphim found. The store was full of someone’s idea of erotic attachments/apparel for ‘little sexy demongirl’, but the sim was beautiful, with a surprising amount of pure sweetness, like the sleeping bambi beside Seri… Seri hung around to make sure the giant octopus wasn’t going to try eating it, but it didn’t…


… there were, of course, a lot of tentacular goings on, but they were quite photogenic, and even funny, like the much smaller octopus in the barrel behind Seri…


… she went with the sim’s recommended Windlight, which had a nice comic book feel…


… and she spent a good hour, wandering around, finding lots of beautiful spots…


… and interesting scenes. These barrels reminded Seri of the book ‘Robinson Crusoe’, a book Seri’s human read, as a child, at least 50 years ago, that child had only seen 2 movies (The Sound of Music, and Flipper), and hardly any television, and the story of Robinson Crusoe just flooded it’s empty little mind with visions of Crusoe’s marvelous adventures, which were, of course, the ultimate shipwreck fantasy, where virtually anything Crusoe could possibly have needed, gets washed ashore for him, mostly in barrels, so it’s all perfectly edible, or, in the case of the container of leaf tobacco, perfectly smokable… Crusoe cures himself of some sickness using tobacco smoke! He also gets dozens of rifles, gunpowder, ammunition, knives, hammers, nails, rope… you get the picture. When the book was first published, in 1719, people thought it was a true story.

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