Seraphim & Pandume


Seraphim hasn’t seen her lovely, demon friend, Pandume, for months. The two of them have crossed paths, via IM, during that time, but today was the first time they’d actually hung out together for ages…


… so, of course, it made perfect sense that they spent quality time together in Seri’s new game corner, which Pandume hadn’t seen. Pandume has changed her look, now sporting an extremely impressive array of horns…


… the two friends talked about all kinds of stuff, including missing friends of Seraphim…


… whilst they both hammered away at Unicorn Attack, and Ninja Kittens…


… till Seri decided it was time to drag Pandume away…


… and get her in the photo booth, so she could take a decent profile picture for her. Seraphim thinks Pandume is gorgeous… like a young, demonic Mona Lisa (:

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