Otter Lake


Seraphim decided to check out Otter Lake, this morning. She found a very North American/European-feeling environment of beautiful, rich blues and greens, with a gorgeous, soft, cloudy/hazy sky, creating a lovely, soft light…


… the landing point was a commercial harbour. Everywhere there were great props for clever photographs, lots of wonderful angles and rich, dark hues…


… but it was the wilderness area that Seri really liked. Lots and lots of beautiful, sparkling water-filled vistas, with pretty islands…


… lush plant/tree growth everywhere…


… with gorgeous explosions of floral colour dotted about, and many more wonderful photo props…


… and many beautiful light rays in which to pose…


… Seri didn’t manage to find a lake filled with otters, she got a bit lost, then some guy started stalking her, and getting in her shots, so she went home, satisfied she had enough stunning images for at least this post. Otter Lake is really gorgeous, well worth a look (:

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