Shadow Syndicate


If you know Seri, you’ll have noticed she has an addictive personality… she locks onto things, and obsesses over them, till something else attracts her attention… and, currently, it’s arcade games…


… she just acquired another one for her game corner. Unlike the previous two, this one isn’t posable… but, it makes up for that by being, actually, playable! It’s called Shadow Syndicate, and is made by Tokugawa Heavy Industries, a creator who, ironically, is the creator of one of Seri’s favourite jackets, and, probably, her all-time favourite glasses,  but, who generally makes scifi-techy stuff…


… the game is a homage to 80’s video games and, as someone whose human was an adult in the 80’s, Seraphim can testify to the gorgeous acuity of the homage…


… you also get this poster with the game…


… you start the game, and get a series of loading screens…


… until you arrive at this rain-soaked alley…


… where this guy suddenly appears before you, and your fists come up. You are meant to hit him before he shoots you, and, apparently, that allows you to beat him and progress through the game…


… unfortunately, because you only have a split second to react, and Seri was busy taking pictures, she always got killed! She’d then have to restart the game, and run through everything, again, trying to get the best images… by the time she had enough, she was over it, and hasn’t actually played Shadow Syndicate, yet! But, she will (:

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