Lost Town


Today, Seraphim visited Lost Town-La Citta’ Perduta. She hasn’t been here for a long time, possibly years. When she first visited here, she saw it as the setting for the kind of trendy, dull SL ‘art’ photos she has no interest in, and does not do. Trendy SL artists have zero interest in Seraphim’s photography. Seraphim, whose human has a degree with honours in Computer Graphic Design, knows her photography is at LEAST as good as theirs, but the SL ‘artists’ convince the SL punters that theirs is the ‘real’ art. On Seraphim’s  previous visits to this place, she wrote it off as a backdrop for trendy wanker photography. It was the textures/lighting of the above image she first saw, here, so she never really looked any further…


… she totally missed all this aurora-type lighting…


… and crisp background elements…


… she has to admit, she shouldn’t have written the place off, just because she loathes what passes for ‘art’ photography in SL…


… she thinks she got some nice shots.

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