Little World


Seraphim visited ‘Little World‘, today. Little World has several distinct areas…


… a beach area, with a horizon of glittering sky-scrapers…


… a very nice grunge/neon area…


… the avi on the bus-stop roof just stood and watched Seraphim, turning to follow her as she passed. Seri didn’t bother saying ‘hi’… sometimes, she’s just not in the mood, and, of course, the other avi never said a word…


… the neon/grunge area is very pretty. Once you traverse that, there is…


… gorgeously textured urban architecture…


… Seri has seen these buildings in other builds, but they still look beautiful, here…


… she spent a good hour, here, and took 173 photos. Little World would make a wonderful set for an urban story, even one with a scifi element, given the neon strip and the glittering cityscape on the horizon.

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