Another Fairy Tale


Seraphim visited ‘Another Fairy Tale‘, this evening… Cica Ghost seems to be really smashing them out, lately…


… the colours are really beautiful, with that sub-aquatic lighting that Cica Ghost seems to favour…


… whimsical critters in pools of light…


… and plants that look as though Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch designed them together, one night, after they’d both taken acid…


… the only thing Seraphim disliked were the ugly little, flying face creatures, which seemed always to bomb her carefully setup shots, just as she was about to take a picture… she actually had to photoshop out the one that invaded this picture.


2 thoughts on “Another Fairy Tale

  1. Looks pretty. They go a good job there. I know what you mean about frustrating photo bombers. I was on a beach sim with one of those animated avatars. It kept walking into my picture. I had to keep moving. Eventually I just edited it out. 🙂


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