Mopire Again


Seraphim visited her favourite sim, again, yesterday, the Mopire City/Tokyo-WindHill City/Reiri Town sprawl. She adores this amazing build, for it’s mysterious, un-attainable far riverbank…


… for it’s industrial/wild near shore…


… with it’s rugged public space…


… for the way the wild area morphs into the commercial area…


… where there is still plenty of nature. This area morphs into the huge…


… concrete landscape of the Tokyo-WindHill City/Mopire City area, with it’s stunning detail, and, in Mopire City, huge buildingscape…


… Seraphim never tires of coming here, the place never ceases to blow her mind with it’s meticulous detail and ridiculously high standard of construction. She highly recommends you visit here… this is SL, the place might be gone, tomorrow!


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