Frame Not Included


Seraphim visited the Monocle Man Gallery, today. She seldom visits galleries, any more…


… those of you who have known Seri for a long time will remember she used to have a huge gallery, housing her equally huge collection of art by SL artists. Seraphim loves art, and loved collecting SL art, which she did, prolifically, for 8 years, spending tens of thousands of L$’s on her collecting…


… she did it, not only because she loves art, but to support SL art/artists… she had several favourite artists who charged thousands of lindens for each and every painting, Seraphim bought them all, even when she could barely afford to…


… she eventually had to admit to herself, that perhaps only 1 or 2 of these artists she was supporting, EVER contacted her, to say thank you…


… not only that, when she eventually met some of them, their self-entitled arrogance appalled her, not to mention that some of them literally talked down to her, as though they were her superiors…


… she seldom goes to the galleries of these people, any more, and seldom buys SL art.


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