Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot

Dya's Abandoned Vacation Spot1

Seraphim visited Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot, today… the place was fairly packed, snuggling couples and wandering explorers everywhere, she’s not used to those kind of numbers when she explores, she’s also not into de-rendering other avi’s, so it was a bit tricky getting good angles for good shots, but, she managed. The place has very nice, broody beach scenes…

Dya's Abandoned Vacation Spot2

… there’s an inland element, of bucolic lanes…

Dya's Abandoned Vacation Spot3

… but it was the shore scenes that Seri liked…

Dya's Abandoned Vacation Spot4

… a lovely feel of odd emptiness, that post-apocalyptic-event feel that SL creators do so well…

Dya's Abandoned Vacation Spot5

… a delightful sombreness…

Dya's Abandoned Vacation Spot6

… a place where all manner of strangeness could have happened/be happening…

Dya's Abandoned Vacation Spot7

… birds wheeling in an odd sky, the only witnesses to where all the people went.

One thought on “Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot

  1. Looks like a cool sim. You seem to find very unique locations in Second Life to explore. 🙂

    I know I have been spending more time on the beach in Second Life lately. I have noticed in some locations an increase in the number of people that are there. And some other sims still have low traffic.


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