New Project: Outside Shoot


Seraphim finished putting the final touches to her latest still-life project, this morning. Well, it started as a still-life project, but kind of evolved into Seri making herself another home! There’s way too much detail to capture in a single shoot, so she started with shooting the outside, first…


… with so much time to do this project, Seri was able to really rummage through her inventory, and find lots of her old treasures…


… as well as spend time finding new treasures at the gacha market, and on MP…


… the sleeping bambi, and the lilac chainsaw were her two most expensive gacha-resale purchases, both ‘rares’, both really beautiful works of art…


… she’s really enjoyed this project, as always. It forced her to take a lot of stuff back into her inventory, at home, because she was getting too near the limit of her prim allotment, would not, actually, have been able to complete this build, if she hadn’t deleted/taken back, hundreds of prims. Although she really dislikes taking stuff down, it always makes her feel refreshed, it’s a good exercise in non-attachment… though there are a lot of things she simply couldn’t imagine EVER becoming non-attached to, like her 134 prim Pegasus Alteran Stargate!…


… Seri could happily move into this house, now…


… she loves it. Several things in this build, like her ‘Hungry Yule Cats’, she moved from other places on her property, one in particular, the house she built for her and Zoey, which has been almost totally unused since she built it. She’s just about worked up the determination to pull it down, as she needs to free up the prims, but, she also needs to move on…


… which she is, slowly, but surely, doing…


… so, the tour of the outside brings us…


… up on the back porch…


… to the back door. The next photo-tour will take us inside (:


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