New Project; Day 4


Seraphim has spent the large amount of another day, working on her new project… it’s not work, at all, because she loves it so much. A big part of these projects, for her, often involves sourcing awesome gacha… but the lag that is usually present at the gacha resale sims, was mind-numbingly horrific, yesterday, when she attempted to shop, there. She was delighted, today, when a notice popped up in her Firestorm Support Group feed, saying there would be a tutorial about lag, at 3pm… it was 2:30pm at the time… and she zapped over to her first ever Firestorm tutorial (she’s never usually online during week days, so has never had the chance, before)… there were two other avi’s there, so it sure wasn’t crowded. Anyway, what she learned, enabled her to go to the gacha sim… and experience barely ANY lag! It was GLORIOUS! She promptly spent a few thousand Lindens on awesome stuff…


… Pandume, who is also online much more in these locked-down times, is working on improvements to her own place, just up the road from Seraphim. She popped over to see how Seri was getting on with her new project, and gave a very favourable report. Seraphim pointed out some of her favourite additions…


… and showed Pandume the front porch, which she feels is almost done. In fact, she thinks one more day of fine tuning should complete this project. Another thing Seraphim does a lot of, during these projects, is perusing Market Place… if she sees gacha she likes at the resale sims, she checks to see if it’s cheaper on MP, often saving hundreds of Lindens. She also looks at random things she thinks might work, so she’s looking at MP way more than usual. Last night, she saw something that astounded her, and she thought she would share it with you guys… someone on MP is selling an ugly sofa set (admittedly full-perms) for… L$139,000! Seraphim has NEVER seen anything that expensive on MP. She told Pandume, and Pandume said she hoped that money got you an RL sofa as part of the price.

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