Tearing Down the House


This is the house that Seraphim built herself, and lived in, for the last 8 years…


… it’s huge. It was initially a tiny gallery, on 512sqm, about the size of the entrance foyer, behind the fluorescent palms…


… over the years, Seri bought adjacent pieces of land, and others across the road, slowly building up her prim hoard, and her ‘house’ grew and grew, undergoing many transformations, both internally and externally…


… it’s been this shape/look for the last few years. These pictures are like those ones you see, just before they detonate the charges to bring down an apartment building… these pictures are just the empty shell… Seri spent all day deleting/retrieving everything inside… even most of the internal walls are gone, now…


… it’s just a beautiful, enormous monument to the last eight years of Seri’s life…


… gone…


… almost in the blink of an eye… perhaps it took ten minutes… the little ‘welcome’ bunnies look a bit dazed…


… Seri WAS a bit dazed…


… then she thought about the 3000+ prims she now has to play with!

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