New Home


A few days ago, Seraphim bought herself the amazing mansion you see behind her. In order to even have somewhere to put it, let alone have the prims she needed to really go nuts setting it up as her new home, she had to dismantle years of construction and landscaping, which gave her around 1500 prims to play with…


… she loves her gorgeous new home, and has spent the last few days moving her stuff into the ground floor, and has just started on the second floor… the ground floor is just the initial, fairly quick placing of basic goodies, she knows she’ll be tweaking it for ever, but, you have to start somewhere…


… setting up her still-life projects has been excellent preparation for such a major piece of decorating… in fact, it was setting up her last shoot that made her decide it would be nice to live in a beautiful, mesh home, with soft lines and curves, as apposed to the industrial-style places she’s always built herself, because she doesn’t know how to make mesh…


… as she moves all her stuff from her old home, she will dismantle it… it will be the end of an era, for Seri, she’s lived in that building, in it’s various incarnations, for eight years…


… but, once she gets into ‘moving on’ mode, she doesn’t look back.

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