Screw Cancer

Screw Cancer

Seraphim returned to the SciFiCon, today, to continue her exploration. She has found the convention to be, by far, the most enjoyable one she’s ever been to, and infinitely more rewarding than the Fantasy Faire, which she found vague and confusing. Today she purchased a Solares ‘Racing Queen’ jacket, the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. The jacket has ‘Screw Cancer’ emblazoned on the back.

Screw Cancer2

The Solares stall was quite spectacular…

Screw Cancer3a

… as was the general area it was near. Just after taking this image, SL crashed for Seri… the third time it’s happened at the SciFiCon, over several days. Each crash has been the same… unlike the usual crash, that leaves you with a frozen screen, or a greyscale screen with a dialogue box saying stuff is broken, these crashes have all been instantaneous, one moment her human is looking at SL, the next moment, whatever other screen is open… poooff! This was pretty irritating. Seri had to log back in, then plod back to where she had been, though she did, after the last crash, start saving her position regularly, though it didn’t happen again, and she finally made her way through all, or most of the sims…

Screw Cancer4

… returning home and putting out some of the goodies she bought, including the ‘pop art’ storm troopers, behind her.

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