Formal Lounge


Seraphim has finally finished decorating the ground floor of her new home. She will, of course, continue to change, move, and replace everything here, but, for now, she’s happy she has established a basic framework. When you enter the entrance foyer, you can turn left, and you will enter the formal lounge…


… this lounge is filled with classic furniture/decor…


… it’s very elegant and sophisticated…


… with just the slightest touch of whimsy…


… this is Seraphim showing she is able to do ‘formal’.

3 thoughts on “Formal Lounge

    1. It’s made by ‘Onsu’, this one is the ‘Chateau Butternut’, but they make lots of beautiful buildings, commercial and domestic… when you see their commercial buildings you will realise you have been in them many times, because they are very popular for clothing retailers. My one has a HUD that enabled me to choose the paint job from a fairly good selection, and the colour of the marble in the foyer and on the stairs, and the timber floor… I think the floor can be tiles, too… can’t remember. Anyway, I LOVE it (:

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      1. Oh I didn’t recognize it as an Onsu build.. must check it out! I may blog so many houses, but change houses only once a year for me personally. 🙂

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