A New Project

Seraphim recently visited Slovakia, Slovensko

… she was almost instantly smitten with the place…

… there is a perfect balance of that almost universal urban style that is post-apocalyptic in the sense of an apocalypse that has already happened, but the masses barely even noticed…

… everything is fucked but, hey, it’s home, and we got cable…

… in the cities, aliens could be masquerading as humans, and have even taken over the government, but the masses haven’t noticed that, either. Or, if they have, they’ve given up fighting, or been crushed and cast mercilessly aside, and no-one believes them when they try to tell anyone about what’s actually happening…

… everyone is corrupt, but as long as you keep your head down, there’s the internet to flee to at home…

… the icing on the cake, was when she noticed some of these awesome homes were for rent! It took her a bit of careful examination of the photogenic potential of all the contenders, but she finally chose a little stunner of a slum palace. Seri is going to do one of her ‘still life’ sets in it. Unlike the ones she has made at home, for this one she will be limited to 200 prims. She’s pretty confident she can do something nice with 200 prims (:

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