Day One

Seraphim’s human has just been in hell (hospital) for ten days, following major, life-changing surgery. Because of that, you have not seen anything of Seraphim, recently…

… Seri came back last night, to her little ‘art project’ in Slovakia, Slovensko, where she only had days remaining on her rent, owing to the human having not expected the long, complication-ridden hospital stay…

… it was lovely to be back, and to save the little project before it was all auto-returned. Because Seraphim reflects the mood of her human, Seri will be very slow and awkward, for, at least, the next month…

… probably not doing much more than just being there, because she missed it so much, and just being there is pretty much all she’s up to, currently.

2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Oh dear! I am wishing your human all the best and a quick recovery! This is hard when health issues turn your life upside down. I hope you help her/him to distract watching you building up your new gallery. Hugs!

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