Floating Anticipation

Seraphim was cruising around her beloved garden, last evening, when she decided to have another shot at getting into The Epiphany, she decided she’d try till she got in, this time… she’d already tried multiple times, earlier in the day. She selected her TP destination, double-clicked it…

… there was the satisfying whooshing sound of a teleport nearing completion, and… she was floating in the tall grass in her wilderness area, the TP having failed, the dialogue box saying ‘ha ha, too full!’… till she attempted to zoom her camera, or move, she remained floating… it was quite nice floating here, in her long grass and flowers, in the dusk light, but she had a destination, and she was determined to get there…

… she has found that the only way this works, if you really want to get in, is to hit ‘close’ on the dialogue box, and instantly double-click the destination, again, in case you miss that valuable free space that just became available, which is what she did… satisfying whoosh… nope!, still floating!… ‘close’, redial!… whooooshh!… nope!!…

… she quite enjoyed taking pictures of herself floating in her ocean of grasses, but only ever had the one angle, as soon as she attempted to adjust that angle, she would return to her normal standing pose, which, also, made for some lovely images…

… she knew she was in for the long haul, hitting ‘send’, hitting ‘close’, repeat… the Epiphany, by it’s nature, is not like other destinations, when trying to gauge the turnover, as the people who visit tend to stay a lot longer, vacuuming up all those delicious gacha delights. By the time the satisfying ‘whoosh!’ finally resulted in an actual arrival, it completely caught Seri by surprise, as she’d kinda gotten into the send/close/repeat/float loop!

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