Walsh County Revisited

Last time Seraphim visited Walsh County, the barley crop was green, and still being fertilised…

… now, everything is wonderfully autumnal, and the crop is half-harvested…

… last time the sim was crawling with visitors, this time it was beautifully empty. She could roam beneath gorgeous skies, with the Wyeth-like horizon calling to her in mauve and oatmeal waves, and listen to the regular waves of ducks passing overhead, on their way South, she imagined…

… it was really beautiful, and addictively tranquil, she just wondered amongst the rustling barley crop, not minding the senselessly idling harvester parked in the empty field, it’s operators obviously having wondered off in a daze, probably into those distant hills, where they got lost and no-one ever heard from them, again… all the time, their machine was pointlessly chugging through it’s environmentally toxic freight of distilled, ancient minerals…

… but even that pointless engine chatter was, somehow, soothing…

… and Seri spent a long time, here, just wondering, thinking, and, of course, calculating light/angles, and shooting well over one hundred images, which she then distilled to these six.

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