Seraphim in the First Person

Hello, I’m Seraphim. When I first started this blog, nearly three years ago, now, it was called ‘Broken Hearted Avatar’. I started it as therapy for the damage that was done to me as a result of my first SL romance going horribly bad, as, I’ve since learned, they almost inevitably do…

… I was in such a shattered place, I couldn’t even bare to represent myself in the first person, it felt safer to communicate in the third person, like it was someone else’s sad little story that was unfolding. As therapy, this blog was excellent, even if it did chronicle the next several shitty relationships I then staggered through, before I learned that relationships in SL are nothing like relationships in RL, and that actual long-term ‘couple’ relationships are almost non-existent… but you have to try, and experience that, before you can grow beyond your experience. I eventually changed the name of this blog to ‘Kind Hearted Avatar’, because it was similar to ‘Broken Hearted Avatar’, in form, but totally different, and far more hopeful in meaning…

… anyway, a lot has changed for my human, and myself, in those nearly three years, and I now want to speak as myself, in the first person, so that’s what I’m going to do (:

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