When I cannot find any interesting places to explore in any of the destination guides I follow, and there really doesn’t seem to be much that interests me, right now, I go to my ‘landmarks’ folder, and, starting at the bottom, look for somewhere to go, either to rediscover somewhere fabulous, or to discover it is a vacant lot, owned by an Anshe Chung clone, in which case I delete it… the destinations at the bottom of my folder are very old, some of them 10 years old, Cadenza was almost at the bottom…

… I honestly don’t remember what it used to look like, but I wasn’t expecting this cute, whimsical landscape…

… it was very pretty, and very relaxing, except when I either walked into some area that caused my viewer to crash, or my viewer just chose that time to do so, but THAT wasn’t soothing… the last few times my viewer has crashed, when I restart it, half the recent changes I’ve made to my wardrobe are gone, and I’ve got to do them all again, which is pretty irritating…

… but, this lovely place soon soothed my ire…

… this corner looks like the toy storage area (:

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