The Clock Museum

So, as I work my way up from the bottom of my ‘landmarks’ folder, and reject the no-longer extant locations, I was delighted to find ‘The Clock Museum‘ still exists! I discovered this charming little place back in the day when I literally walked everywhere in SL, I’d spend hours and hours, just walking the public roads, far too timid to go onto anything that looked like I might not be welcome …

… the museum is full of a huge variety of working clocks, all ticking and tocking and bonging and binging together, it sounds chaotic, but is actually very soothing…

… the blue ‘information’ icons below each piece give a landmark to the creator… sadly, the museum is so old, and clearly not being kept up-to-date, that of the three landmarks I tried, two took me to the holdings of the dreaded Anshe Chung clone army, and one refused to take me anywhere, so I didn’t bother with any more, and just enjoyed the museum…

… there’s even a clock you can interact with, and be the hands of…

… there are plenty of clocks in the grounds, as well. I love these grounds, they are so evocative of that simpler SL, a decade ago, when everything was still simple prim construction… I guess it makes me nostalgic for those days of that naive little avi, wandering all big-eyed and curious, never knowing what was just around the next bend, always too shy to talk to anyone…

… I think this is my favourite clock, it has a cute flamingo going round and round as it’s gears gyrate (:

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