Midgard Gallery

Today I visited The Land of Thor, specifically to look at an exhibition in the Midgard Gallery, that Inara Pey had recently blogged about…

… the images in this exhibition are some of the freshest, truely delightful works I have seen in SL for a long time…

… really sweet whimsy…

… wonderfully engaging imagery that manages to totally avoid the cliched feel of a lot of this type of work I see in SL…

… I really loved all the rabbi-centric (my own word (: ) images in this exhibition…

… upstairs was an equally fresh set of work based on J G Ballard’s, then, ground-breaking novel ‘Crash’…

… if you’ve ever read the book, you’ll see the connection. However, having found ‘Crash’ to be Ballard’s least engaging novel, I find these works to be a much less grim depiction of the theme… if you didn’t know they were a homage to the eroticisation of auto-accident injuries, you’d find them quite joyous.

2 thoughts on “Midgard Gallery

  1. I’m really loving your style and the fact that you explore art galleries in SL. Thank you for sharing and I cannot wait to see more. Maybe I’ll run into you in world one day, as I also love art galleries and installations. Fascinating.


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