Imaginary Landscapes

I spent the morning installing a new exhibition at Placebo Gallery. The exhibition is called ‘Imaginary Landscapes’, and consists of my eight latest works, where I have further explored one of my favourite themes, landscapes created from textures…

… although there are actual RL landscape elements incorporated in my textures, most are not landscape elements, in themselves, rather, they are photographs of concrete, sand, plants, clouds, rust, timber… all blended and mixed and reblended, till I weave them into these wonderful, rich, fantasy landscapes…

… they are landscapes from my mind, distant shores of the imagination, where you might find the ruins of civilisations vanished millennia ago…

… places where there are three suns and five moons…

… where there may be life, but not as Jim would know it…

… places you could spend the rest of your years exploring, not quite sure how you arrived there, in the first place. Something about looking at some pictures in a gallery?

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