Retrospective Installation

I decided to hang a retrospective installation, featuring some of my digital portrait paintings. Portraits have always been my favourite theme, both for painting, and photography. People who know me will know the work I’ve been showing the last year or so is quite different from what I used to do. I have two digital styles, one I call my ‘comic’ style… I’ve always been interested in sequential art, and, a lot of my early digital paintings, which I started doing around 2012, are in this style…

… they are potential panels for that stunning graphic novel I never did, because I simply could not satisfy my own inner critic about the quality of my work…

… my other style is my ‘photorealistic’ style, where I actually had to learn when to stop polishing, because the paintings end up being so like photographs, it kind of defeats the actual painting process… I still want people to go ‘oh, that’s a painting!’…

… my earlier stuff was pretty dark… dark, but gorgeous, and was always about very scary girls…

… by 2016, even my ‘comic’ work was looking pretty realistic. In 2015-2016, I did a lot of Suicide Girl fan art. My work was easily some of the best on their fan art page, but hardly anyone ‘liked’ them, because I painted portraits, not nudes…

… I also paint singers I adore, and babes from films. These images are just 8 of my paintings from 2013 to 2018. I’ve done a whole lot more. The choice, for these, was to start as early in my life as a digital painter as I could find, the rest was actually dictated by what was easiest to find on my chaotic, two terabyte hard drive (:

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