One of my favourite SL clothing brands is the eponymously named Belzebubble

… whose super-cute logo is a back-the-front B, back-to-back with a B, and the B’s have little devil horns…

… her clothing is clearly not aimed at people who dress like me, more the ‘Barbie-bimbo’ crowd, it has very bright colours, most of which I don’t actually like because they are too bright, but I love the white, black and the pink, which is one of the prettiest pinks in SL. All her stuff comes with wonderful HUD’s that give you a really good range of options. I love her entire brand collateral, it is totally consistent, bright and cute, her advertising panels are like frames from a comic…

… her gear has gorgeous fabric textures…

… but what I love about all her stuff is that it fits my Maitreya Lara Petite body perfectly, almost BOM-perfectly. Because of that excellent fit, it goes under a wide range of clothes that I wear. I often wear BB gear under my jackets…

… and when I’m wearing little short skirts, my BB Alpha Panties are a must. In this set, though, I’m wearing my new ‘Kioke’ bodysuit, so I don’t need the Alphas. The thing that totally makes the BB brand, for me, though, is dealing with Belzebubble herself, when you have problems or questions, she always replies to requests for help, and she’s always lovely. I’ve never met her, but I really like her. That’s why I’m doing this little Belzebubble post, as a way of saying ‘thanks’ for your wonderful customer service, Belzebubble (:

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