Wonderful Hangars Liquides

This evening found me, once again, in Hangars Liquides

… I’m not sure if it’s the sheer size of this place, with so much to see and discover, if the size just makes me forget, or what, but I always manage to find somewhere, here, that feels new to me…

… this vast, wonderful place is never crowded, and when you do meet other avi’s, they come in all shapes and sizes, because Hangars Liquides is very inclusive… I once saw someone riding a horse, here…

… the balance of neon and grunge, light and dark, is perfect, here…

… and the environmental sounds are more like ambient music than city sounds…

… I find it very soothing, wandering aimlessly through this futuropolis…

… I come here on a regular basis, just to re-immerse myself in this amazing place’s magic…

… Hangars Liquides is one of the great wonders of SL.

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